Sequoia Grove Winery

Sequoia Grove has been a Napa Valley destination for 40 years, and their experiences offer countless reasons to pay this Rutherford gem a visit. There’s something for everyone planning a visit to wine country. Make sure your time in the Napa Valley is unforgettable by stepping away from the ordinary and indulging in the extraordinary.
The magnificent sentinel redwoods that embraces the front of the charming Sequoia Grove tasting room stands tall and proud, welcoming visitors as it has done since the winery was bonded in 1980. The 110-year-old barn feels homey and comforting, yet tastefully updated for every type of tasting experience, including outdoors in the Fairy Ring, a circle of ancient redwoods that surrounds you in a cosmic hug from centuries past.




Sequoia Grove Wine Clubs

For 40+ years, Sequoia Grove’s philosophy has been to make great wine, treat people well and be good stewards of the earth.
As a part of the wine club, you can take this journey together and become an extended member of the family. Enjoy world-class wines,
a wide range of benefits, and a sense of belonging. 




8338 St. Helena Highway 29 Rutherford, CA 94558 United States






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