Published on 31-01-2024
You come to Napa to wine and dine… Blue Diamond Jeweler brings the shine!

Napa Valley is known for cult wine and Michelin-starred restaurants, but now you can add luxury shopping destination to that list, too. With the recent revival of Napa’s downtown core, First Street has transformed into an upscale collection of lifestyle and luxury retailers spanning three blocks in the heart of the city, bookended by two world-class boutique hotels: Andaz Napa Hyatt and the sleek Archer Hotel. You can come for the wine but stay for the retail therapy found throughout the independent artisan shops, luxe national brands, and locally curated art installations and galleries. One such beautiful place to explore is the newly opened Blue Diamond Jeweler. Located on Napa’s this premier experiential shopping destination, FIRST STREET NAPA, the light-filled space is adorned with sparkling cases of European designs, glimmering estate jewelry, and their own custom designed pieces.

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Blue Diamond Jeweler: Their 4 C’s

In the world of diamonds, the 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats) are the bedrock for defining a stone’s value. But for Altaf Amlani, a Ugandan-born, life-long jeweler, value is based on the human experience in addition to the jewel itself. Since Blue Diamond Jeweler’s inception in 1974, his family-owned company has built long-term relationships on trust, service, and quality craftsmanship. Amlani’s values are rooted in a belief of a universal connectedness which has shaped his version of the 4 C’s to Caring, Collaborate, Character, and Charitable. Customers will experience these values across the four boutiques in California through each interaction with their expert team of jewelers and designers.

Blue Diamond Jeweler 4 Cs

Concept of Connectedness

This theme is woven throughout the company from the intertwined “B” and “D” in their logo to a stunning collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches. “Like an orchid, if planted in good soil (meaning a welcoming and comfortable space) it will draw all that it needs to in time unfurl its beauty,” says Amlani, referring to the beautifully curated offerings and customer-led, one-of-a-kind designs. The typical jewelry store emphasis on security and a feeling of transaction-required appointments is purposefully omitted at Blue Diamond. In its place, a relaxed atmosphere of exploration and creativity spawns an organic process where customers lead the selection and design of their piece.

A wide spectrum of metals, shapes, and stones are available at price points ranging from a few hundred dollars up to a nine-figure investment. Inspiration for the settings comes from Altaf’s travels to Italy, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, Columbia (for precious emeralds), and beyond. He encourages custom designs for wedding bands and engagement rings to honor each couple’s unique expression of their love. Embedded in the interior of each custom ring band is a small blue diamond, a symbol of its and each person’s rarity in the universe. To ensure a perfect expression of themselves in the finished piece, a wax replica of the ring will be created at their Los Angeles-based design studio for final client approval.

Blue Diamond Jeweler custom jewelry

Full-Service Jeweler

Like all quality jewelers, Blue Diamond Jeweler offers a variety of services in addition to sales. A complimentary in-store cleaning for jewelry is available with an option to purchase more extensive deep cleaning for the removal of scratches or defects.

Their state-of-the-art repair facilities locally and in Southern California resize bands, secure and tighten loose stones, fix broken chains and clasps, and do earring post repair. Intricate heirloom restoration which brings family keepsakes back to their original beauty is also available.

Master watchmakers with over 40 years’ experience in the care of fine timepieces can make general adjustments to full-service repairs and cleaning on collector timepieces to maintain their shine and value.

Blue Diamond Jeweler

World Renowned Designers

Through its world-wide relationships nurtured over decades, Blue Diamond Jeweler can curate designer pieces upon request.

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Complimentary ‘Spa Treatment’

Looking forward to a special event? In addition to regular maintenance of your jewelry items, we recommend taking full advantage of the on-site “Jewelry Spa” services to get all of your pieces sparkling for any occasion. Complimentary services include an ultrasonic cleanse, high pressure steam bath, and hand polish.

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Blue Diamond Jeweler Giving Back

Giving Back

As an extension of the love and kindness Altaf Amlani sees in all, and to pay tribute to his late mother’s founding of the first Montessori school in Uganda and his father’s 6o-year support of an orphanage in India, Amlani carries on the legacy of service through his fourth “C” of Charitable. Each engagement ring sale supports one child for one year at the Nia Childrens’ Foundation in Kenya. This critical financial support provides daily meals to children in the slums of Kenya helping them stay active, focused, and educated.


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