Published on 07-08-2023
Eleven Eleven Winery

“At Eleven Eleven, our passion for enriching life with friends, culture, great food, and wine inspires us to celebrate the everyday moments that make life extraordinary.”


Pulling into the parking space in front of Eleven Eleven, we intuitively knew this would be a unique experience. Our expectations were immediately raised to the highest level as, through the glass exterior, we were able to view artwork and a modern space that was simply appealing. Our small group immediately looked forward to an everyday moment that would be extraordinary; we were NOT disappointed.


Wine Tasting at Eleven Eleven

Bradley (the hospitality manager) came out to greet us. With his bubbly personality and enthusiasm, our adventure began! As my wife describes Bradley: He’s a party in a bottle! Yes, he is, and his exuberance is only matched by the knowledge he has of the wines, terroir, history, and vision of Eleven Eleven to bring the wine lover a singular, special happening.

Eleven Eleven is an urban winery, in a slightly off-the-beaten-track location in the town of Napa, a true hidden gem. Upon entering you will be taken in by the visual blend and balance of art, architecture, seating areas, plants, and overall ambiance. The space simply speaks to you.


Eleven Eleven wines

Relatively new, Eleven Eleven is now producing its 11th vintage, with estate grapes from their Oak Knoll District AVA, complemented by wines from select vineyard designates in Napa Valley and Sonoma County. The name itself evokes a feeling of kismet, serendipity, magic, or ‘parea,’ which is Greek meaning togetherness. So, as your senses and palate discern what you love, the meaning of Eleven Eleven is also a personal interpretation.

Our tasting began with a Sauvignon Blanc, grapes sourced from Andy Beckstoffer’s Melrose Vineyard. This is a special Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant, light, with great acidity and an enticing flavor profile, this will play well around the pool on a summer’s day, or as an “aperitif” at a fine restaurant. WHAT a treat!

We then proceeded through a representative tasting of Eleven Eleven’s current lineup. While most of the focus is on Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux, there are a few special outliers. One such as the Syrah, aged 20 months in barrel, and another 14 months in bottle before release, no shortcuts taken.

Eleven Eleven is committed to following organic farming protocols and is currently working towards its Napa Green Certification. They also source from vineyards following the same philosophy of using responsible farming practices.


Eleven Eleven tasting room

The comfortable luxury of the physical space and décor of Eleven Eleven you experience is a preamble to the luxury of the wine experience you will enjoy and savor. Eleven Eleven creates elegance and class in a glass.

(Reservations requested)

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