Aimee June Winery

Handcrafted Value  is our mantra and the goal that drives everything we do. Handcrafted means our wines are made in very small lots with minimal automation or filtration. We use native yeast naturally in the vineyard to create long cold soaks without any additives or interventions. This, combined with barrel fermentation, provides for cooler temperatures and softer extractions that result in deeper flavors, increased complexity, and better overall balance in the wine. Our barrels are living environments having no sulfite added, but the all-natural sir-lees process protects the wine with no chemical additives. Each and every wine features a hand painted or drawn original artwork making it a true artisan creation. So how can we associate the word "value" with such a high quality wine ? First, eliminating all of the additives and alterations removes much of the cost as it was in the old days. Next, we maintain a simple and frugal operation without any fancy buildings or even a tasting room. Finally, we put most of our expense for quality fruit from quality growers and keep our packaging simple but functional. From this, you can expect consistently great wine at reasonable prices and we call this handcrafted value ... Insist on it, expect it, and find it in everything we do.

106 3rd Street San Juan Bautista, California 95045 United States

Weekends noon to 5 pm

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